Harley-Davidson The Motor Officer features Jimmy Binns

In Spring 2011, Jimmy Binns was featured on the cover of Harley-Davidson The Motor Officer.

James Binns Graduates From Police Academy

On December 18, 2013, James Binns graduated from the DCCC Police Academy at the age of 74. Mr. Binns received two accolades: An academic-achievement award honoring his 98.4 percent GPA (his class’ highest) and an “overall achievement award” from the Delaware County Police Chiefs Association.


Video From Mr. Binns’ Graduation & Graduation Party


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Photos From Mr. Binns’ Graduation & Graduation Party
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Articles Covering Mr. Binns’ Graduation

Attorney and honorary Philadelphia Police Commissioner Jimmy Binns, right, seen with Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, will graduate from the Delaware County Community College Municipal Police Academy tonight. Photo courtesy of Delco Times.

74-year-old lawyer to graduate from DCCC Municipal Police Academy

By Vince Sullivan, Delaware County Daily Times
POSTED: 12/17/13, 10:47 PM EST | UPDATED: ON 12/18/2013

RIDLEY — Philadelphia attorney James J. Binns has been made an honorary police officer in more than a dozen cities and towns, including Philadelphia and Margate and Brigantine, N.J. Tonight, he will officially join the ranks of the law enforcement community when he graduates from the Delaware County Community College Municipal Police Academy at the age of 74.
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Lawyer Binns Graduates From Cop School

BY VINNY VELLA, Daily News Staff Writer [email protected], 215-854-2513
POSTED: December 20, 2013

PHILLY.com – WHEN DELAWARE County Community College’s Municipal Police Academy was planning this year’s graduation ceremony, it had to find a larger venue.

The reason? The expected turnout for Jimmy Binns, a city lawyer with a reputation for working closely with the boys in blue. This time, Binns wasn’t hosting the festivities: He was participating.
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Philanthropist To Graduate From Police Academy At Age 74

December 18, 2013 5:42 AM
By Steve Tawa
PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – One of Philadelphia’s best-known trial lawyers will be wearing a different hat this evening, when he graduates – along with cadets three and four times younger than him – from the Municipal Police Academy, at Delaware County Community College….
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Photos From Mr. Binns’ Graduation & Graduation Party
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Hero Thrill Show on Saturday — South Philly Magazine

Jimmy Binns has a way of making things happen.

When a beloved show honoring local first responders had reached a critical crossroads 16 years ago, Binns made sure it continued to pay tribute to its heroes. He can be a little bit persuasive.

“I asked (Sylvester) Stallone if he wanted to get his statue back at the art museum,” Binns said with a laugh. “He said he would love that but it would never happen. I said, ‘I know how to do it. I’ve done it before.’ ”

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Binns Set to Clear the Air

by BY JASON NARK, Daily News
Originally Published Feb 28, 2012

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IT COST Jimmy Binns $980 to get rid of his neighbor’s noisy air conditioners in Margate, along with what Binns calls an unprecedented ride to the local police station.

On Dec. 13, Binns, founder of Philadelphia’s hero-cop plaque program, was arrested, handcuffed and jailed in the Shore resort “as if he were a bank robber about to flee,” his attorney said. Binns was charged with criminal mischief for disconnecting his neighbor’s air conditioners a few days before.

“I can guarantee you it’s never happened in any police department in the state of New Jersey,” Binns said yesterday about his treatment over the charge.

The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office dropped the charge on Friday, and Binns and his attorney, Stephen Hankin, said that they plan to turn up the heat on Margate and possibly his neighbor on Amherst Avenue by filing a lawsuit.

“Of course, I know why the charges were dropped: There was nothing criminal done,” Hankin said.

Charges Against Jimmy Binns Dropped

From NBC10 Philadelphia February 28, 2012. Read full story at NBC10.

All charges have been dropped against local attorney James “Jimmy” Binns after he was accused of damaging a neighbor’s air conditioner in Margate, N.J.

Binns, 72, was arrested for the alleged incident back on Dec. 13. Police claimed it was part of an ongoing property dispute between Binns and his neighbor. He was charged with criminal mischief and released on his own recognizance.

The Atlantic County Prosecutor announced Monday that the charges against Binns were dismissed. His attorney claimed his client may sue the city of Margate, according to the Press of Atlantic City. Ironically, Binns is listed as an Honorary Margate Police Chief, according to JamesBinns.net.