Binns Set to Clear the Air

by BY JASON NARK, Daily News
Originally Published Feb 28, 2012

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IT COST Jimmy Binns $980 to get rid of his neighbor’s noisy air conditioners in Margate, along with what Binns calls an unprecedented ride to the local police station.

On Dec. 13, Binns, founder of Philadelphia’s hero-cop plaque program, was arrested, handcuffed and jailed in the Shore resort “as if he were a bank robber about to flee,” his attorney said. Binns was charged with criminal mischief for disconnecting his neighbor’s air conditioners a few days before.

“I can guarantee you it’s never happened in any police department in the state of New Jersey,” Binns said yesterday about his treatment over the charge.

The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office dropped the charge on Friday, and Binns and his attorney, Stephen Hankin, said that they plan to turn up the heat on Margate and possibly his neighbor on Amherst Avenue by filing a lawsuit.

“Of course, I know why the charges were dropped: There was nothing criminal done,” Hankin said.

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